Our Tasty and Nutritious Menu

All snacks and meals are inclusive of your fees and will always be tasty and nutritious.

Meals and snacks are made fresh every day by staff who are trained in food hygiene and follow Setting the Table guidance. Our menu runs on a three week cycle which changes throughout the year.

Here is a sample menu:

Week One

Morning snack Lunch Pudding Afternoon snack


Variety of rolls and fillings

Pork meatballs in a tomato

and basil sauce with

spaghetti and broccoli

Natural yoghurt with grapes

Breadsticks, cheese and cherry tomatoes


Cereal and apples
Potato and cheese topped fish pie
Milky jelly
Fruit scone and cucumber sticks


Cereal and oranges
Roasted chicken with salad pitta bread
Stewed apples
Beans on toast


English muffin, spreads and kiwi
Homemade quiche and salad
Custard and banana
Natural yogurt and pear slices


Scrambled egg on toast
Wraps and fillings
Oaty pear crumble
Fruit salad
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