Cosy Cottage Nursery School News

Current news

  • Cosy Cottage is taking part in the pilot scheme offering 1140 hours which you may be eligible for if your child is aged 3 or over, please get in touch for more information.
  • Cosy Cottage Nursery School is now in Partnership with Edinburgh Council. This can result in a reduction in the fees you have to pay, please get in touch for more information.
  • Cosy Cabin is now open, which has created some additional space in the nursery.
  • Transitions update during Covid-19:


Dear Parents and Carers

We know this is a very worrying time for everyone, particularly if you have a child who is due to start school in August. Like you, we are waiting for national guidance around the reopening of schools. We can’t tell you exactly when your child will start, but we will ensure that their classroom is a safe environment and that they are welcomed warmly. We will keep you updated as soon as we are informed.

We are aware that everyone has been living with a lot of restrictions on movement and contact. Coming into a school setting could be a challenge and, at the beginning, we will be focusing on ensuring that every child is welcomed and finds something they enjoy at school. Children learn best when they feel secure, safe and happy. The wellbeing of our children will be our first priority.

In Edinburgh, all Early Years settings and primary schools are working together on one big project using Michael Rosen’s We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. This means that no matter what primary school they move into, our children will be familiar with the same story and will have shared experiences. You will find the weekly activities on , which goes live on 18th May 2020. Research shows that shared experiences are one of the ways that we can support children during times of transition.

We know that families have been encouraging their children’s learning at home, and this has been important in developing their knowledge and understanding. Please don’t worry if there are skills your child doesn’t yet have. Every child is an individual and Primary Schools are experienced and ready to welcome everyone. Play and learning will go hand in hand once your child joins P1. Please have a look at ‘Why is Transition Important?’ leaflet on your child’s school website for more information.

Keeping all of our children safe is very important to us, and we will be following advice from Health Protection Scotland and the Scottish Government about health and hygiene as we support our children and communities to transition into nursery or school.

Yours sincerely,

Lynn Paterson